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Cronulla Seagulls has approximately 130 teams and finding a convenient training time for all of them is difficult. U6 and U7 will only be allowed to train on a Monday night between 4pm and 5pm (U6), 5pm and 6pm (U7). The committee will be available to assist Coaches with their teams during this time. As per previous years the club is using a system of ‘time slot age priority’ for U8's and up. That is, first priority will be given to U8 teams between 4pm and 5pm, U9-U11 teams between 5pm and 6pm, U12-U16 teams between 6pm & 7.30pm. U18, U21 & Senior teams may only train from 7.30pm. If slots are left unfilled, we may then offer them to teams from other age groups. But we have to be mindful of safety aspects and cannot have U18 & U6 teams training alongside each other.

It is often put to us that “the only time our coach can possibly make is Thursday at 6.30pm” or “the only night everyone in the squad is free is Wednesday” or “Tarquin’s sister’s violin lesson is at 5pm so we can’t start training until 6”. That may be so, but simple physics tells us that we can’t have unlimited teams training on Woolooware or Tonkin Ovals at the same time. Nor can we synchronise the social & work calendars of every player, every coach, every parent and every sibling at the club.

Please also note the following:
1) We DO NOT take email or verbal requests. You can only select a timeslot that is available, and you can only have 1 slot per week.
2) Training at fields other than Woolooware, Tonkin or 5Sports is strictly prohibited by the Sutherland Shire Football Association and sanctions such as Coach/Manager/Team suspensions will occur.


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