Date Posted: 05 Jun 2020

UPDATED 10/6/2020 - Government removes restrictions on Seniors beginning their season as well.

Due to the government raising restrictions of Community Sport Competitions from the 1st July for both Junior and Senior players, the SSFA have proposed the following:

Return to Play
It is proposed that competitions for all agegroups will be scheduled as follows:
-        Commence on the weekend of Saturday 4/Sunday 5 July.
-        Schedule is for thirteen (13) weekends (with no capacity to make up washed out matches)
-        Be completed on the weekend of Saturday 27/ Sunday 28 September.
-        It has not yet been decided whether a Finals Series is possible. This will be decided in conjunction with the Clubs and subject to field availability

Other items that are worth noting include:
-Borrowing rules will be altered/relaxed to make sure all teams can field players.  The clear intention is to provide as many opportunities for players and teams to play matches and be flexible enough to ensure all teams can borrow players to make up numbers if required.  Details have been provided separately.
- The draw will be published as far in advance as possible to allow players and teams to plan.

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