2019 TRAINING ALLOCATION INTERFACE - OPEN (Updated 21st Mar, 10:00pm)
Date Posted: 11 Mar 2019

Coaches and Managers:

The Training Allocation Selection page is now live.

Please remember that only Registered Coaches/Managers can pick a slot relevant to their age group.


If you need a special time outside of the Agegroup allotment, you can send an email to the Secretary. However, these requests will only be recorded and once all teams have chosen a spot, we will then look at those special requests to see if the time/place you requested is available. By not selecting a training allotment, you might miss out althogether.

Each day, the Training Allocation Diagram will be updated. This is a colour coded chart of the field that shows you where your team is to train. Failure to follow this diagram will result in your team losing that training spot.

Training Slot Selection Page can be found HERE

Training Slot Field Diagram for Woolooware can be found HERE (updated 21st Mar at 10:00pm)

Training Slot Field Diagram for Tonkin can be found HERE (updated 21st Mar at 10:00pm)


1) You cannot train anywhere other than Woolooware, 5Sports or Tonkin. Failure to adhere to these grounds will incur fines from the council ($300 per individual) and sanctions from the Association.

2) Official training will start the week of 18th March. Council will be turning the lights on sometime this week. However for this week, provided no one other than Soccer are using the fields you may train, but only after you have been approved by the club. The approvement will be by your team listed on the Field Diagram as mentioned above. Please be aware Council are weed spraying Woolooware Oval during the week, so it might not be a good idea to be in contact with the spray. If Council are working on the fields, then that field is CLOSED.

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